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Business Marketing

Corporate Branding

What Is Corporate Branding?

There are many terms that advertising agencies use that you may not fully understand. One of these terms is corporate branding. In some cases, an advertising company is advertising a specific product or service that you are offering. In other cases, the advertising company is working to increase awareness of your brand as a whole. This is called corporate branding. For example, a McDonald's commercial that is advertising fries alone is product advertising. However, a commercial that focuses on McDonalds as a whole, rather than a specific product, is corporate branding. Increasing your corporate branding can help people to become more familiar with your business, which can help not only current products sell, but can help make it easier when new products release, as consumers are already familiar with your corporate branding. Are you ready to get to work with your business's corporate branding? Contact EFFIT to get started.

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