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Influencer Marketing for Content Creators

At EFFIT we help influencers develop their business, while they focus on doing what they love - creating amazing content. We offer influencer strategy sessions, develop growth targets, seek out new brand opportunities, and expand our influencers' reach off-line through traditional media opportunities such as event appearances, casting calls and collaborations across social media platforms with other influencers, etc. In short, anything our influencers want to pursue, we are here to help.

We provide influencers with opportunities to grow and leverage their following, in order to promote their favorite brands, while getting paid to do it.

EFFIT also handles all the back and forth with clients, campaign management and reporting so influencers can spend time doing what they love!


Influencer Unlocked

VR Goggles

Influence Unlocked includes :

⭐️ access to an elite team of experts including our founder Carisse Wright, who has been managing influencers and securing brand deals for over 10 years as well as influential support coaches like Dutty Berry and Yaadman Etan who has mastered content creation for social media platforms like IG, YouTube & TikTok.


⭐️ Easy to use strategies for developing social media direction and growth targets


⭐️ brainstorm content ideas


⭐️ teach you to streamline your content creation process in a way that feels easy so you have more time for you 


and sooo much more.

This program is for you if you: 

  • want to monetize your social platforms

  • want to implement simple methods to create content on autopilot and make the most of your time 

  • want to grow your influence and build an audience of raving fans

I’ve been working with EFFIT almost two years and counting and have not looked back since then. They take a very personable, warm and professional approach to our partnership. I literally have them on speed dial for even advice and guidance that goes outside of the services they offer. It’s safe to say they are a cut above the rest because they bring the humanity back to marketing. Thanks EFFIT for bringing the focus to INFLUENCER Marketing and for your UNMATCHED expertise it’s simply beautiful to watch this team at work. Keep going and growing!!! Cheers to a continued partnership and more opportunities!

Elizabeth Virgo 


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