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Halloween 2021: Influencers Who Did It Right

Halloween 2021 was here over the weekend and the influencers definitely did not disappoint when it came to dressing up! Even though there were less events, the social media influencers, creators and celebrities showed up in costumes to entertain and kick their instagram engagements into high gear.

Who stood out on Instagram for Halloween 2021?

Continue reading to see some of our favorite influencer halloween costumes and how their audience reacted to their instagram content.

Jeneque went hard this Halloween, bringing some excellent production value to not one but two costumes. This content creator recreated two iconic album covers, which required paying much attention to detail from the outifits, to the poses and the makeup. Her ode to Queen Bey's Dangerously In Love, received an impressively high engagement rate of 15% and shows that her audience loved the content, making it her most engaged post for 2021.

It wouldn’t be in true Trippple X style if the popular entertainer didn’t spark some controversy. Trippple X decided to take aim at Wessy Wessy by recreating an iconic Michael Jackson look while implying that he was the 'Jamaican-Ghetto-Michael-Jackson'. This content really got Trippple X’s fanbase going as he saw an increase in comments with the Halloween content receiving 650+ comments, a significant increase from his average of 180 comments.

It’s morphin time!

We enjoyed the nostalgia brought on by Jodi, her sister Traci and the oh so adorable trio; Levi, Remi & baby Stevie. Too cute!

The Power Rangers were ready to save the day. Youtuber and momtrepreneur Jodi 'Jinx' Henriques, has a super engaged instagram audience and it was even better for her Halloween content with above average engagement of 11% & 14%.

With such high expectations from her 35.8M followers on Instagram, Chrissy Teigen and hubby John Legend did not disappoint. Each year the entire family brings their love of halloween to life with multiple looks. As a family, the Adams Family adaptation was perfect and they NAILED IT! Chrissy got the ❤️ of approval 925 THOUSAND times from her instagram community, more than doubling her average likes of 323,304. Some comments are dubbing her the 'hallow-queen'.

Those are just a few of our favorites this year.

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