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How Influencers Adjusted To COVID-19

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As many industries are affected by the coronavirus, the influencer industry has felt it as well. With limited movement and more time spent at home, many influencers had to adjust their strategies of creating content. We spoke to a few top influencers from their respective niches to find out the adjustments they had to make as a result of Covid.

Reactions are different throughout the industry. At EFFIT, some of our clients have postponed their influencer-marketing campaigns. While on the flip side, we received new clients as advertisers are discovering that the influencer-marketing could be very effective right now because content filmed at home remains viable while commercial photo or video shoots are shut down. We are also seeing that the engagement on social-media posts is higher than normal as more consumers spend time in physical isolation (this can be seen in our blog: Social Media Tips for Business Success During Covid-19).

Continue reading to hear how each influencer adjusted their strategy, maintained their presence and authenticity.

Effit blog about How influencers adjusted to Covid

Niche: Fashion

Influencer: @shanzi.a

"Pretty much i wasn’t really impacted, outside of live events. But the income that was lost from events, I made up for it by doing promotions for various online businesses. Due to Covid-19, sales are really low, so a lot of persons are promoting using influencers to make up for that now. So depending on how you look at it, business might be better for me in a sense. I didn't have to adjust how I post."

Shanice Allen, @shanzi.a, also shows her fans how much she misses outside with fun throwback posts like the one below.

Niche: Entertainment

Influencer: @duttyberryshow

"I am adjusting by trying to engage with my fans on a more consistent basis. Like many other influencers, I am going live a lot more on Instagram to interact with my followers. Hopefully when coronavirus is a thing of the past, I would have developed such a relationship with my audience so that it will work out to increased opportunities, more followers, subscribers and more interaction on all online platforms."

Russhaine Berry, @duttyberryshow, also gives his followers exactly what they need as they search for content from friends and familiar faces to maintain some level of normalcy that they had prior to this pandemic (or even prior to 2020, lol). Check out a snippet from his social media countdown below.

Niche: Lifestyle

Influencer: @chelan876

"Right now, i am not focused on Covid. In the midst of Covid, I was diagnosed with cancer so I am more focused on my health and maintaining a positive attitude. I have been posting things that lift spirits and about my experience which keeps my mind off being stuck at home."

Even though Chelan isn't actively thinking about adjusting or curating her content, her fans appreciate her sharing the realities of navigating chemo and working from home (like a true super-hero she heads a creative agency, Chelan Communications). She is still very relatable.

Niche: Youth / Caribbean

Influencer: @yaadman_etan

"Adjusting isn’t easy especially for a creator like me that loves the outside world. For me it was about reevaluating the source of my creativity, my foundation. I asked myself, what can I do to make things better? If I’m being honest I am still adjusting and it is hard. However, I constantly remind myself that I am a creator that can make something from nothing. To fully utilise what I already have. I also took the time to learn new skills, new ways to edit and learn new skills to increase the quality of my works. I had to learn how to keep growing even when the world is frozen."

Ethan Campbell-Reid, @yaadman_etan, remains true to his supporters and he openly shares how he is affected by the pandemic and what he does to pivot. He also keeps his content relevant by putting his own comedic spin on quarantine woes. Check out below.

Niche: Travel

Influencer: @ginacosette

As a travel influencer, I’ve had to make HUGE changes *cough cough* no more traveling! I had to think to myself besides traveling what else do I do or what else am I good at? I was a worldwide professional model for 7 years and yoga instructor while building my mini empire as an influencer- why not go back to that? So I started to host free workout classes. I try to be there mentally for my followers - whether by providing information or content. More than ever I have been using the LIVE feature on Instagram. This gives me a chance to be even more organic and relatable with my followers. At the end of the day we are all in the same boat- COVID. I’ve also taken up the app Tiktok."

Gina understands that people stuck at home could use some exercise and her fan base is excited to stay occupied while getting fit. Thanks to her, her followers won't be bored in the house or in the house bored.

People are looking for authentic content to engage with. Find your niche and stay true to your brand. If you are a fashion influencer, dress up and make content in your closet. If you are a travel influencer, show us the amazing spots and hidden gems in and around your hometown. You can even tap into past talents or take the time to learn new things. Be creative, use up social media apps (old and new). Don't ignore what is happening, speak about it and show your audience that you understand whatever it is that they are going through. After all, influencers are still human and you won't be exempt from the pandemic.

If you’d like to learn more about how to increase your following and making money as an influencer, contact EFFIT today! We specialize in influence marketing and digital marketing strategies.

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