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Top Tips To Work From Home

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Working from home can be tough! For those who are not as familiar with remote working, here are some of our top tips to make your transition a little smoother:

Top tips to work from home

🌟 Get dressed!

(Except for Fridays of course. Pajama Fridays is a thing!)

Dressing for work will definitely put you in the right frame of mind to take on the day.

In our virtual office, we are constantly in meetings as we try to match talents with the right opportunities. We like to keep it personal as we negotiate contracts with influencers and brand deliverables. This means a lot of interaction and possibly a video call or two. This is another reason to get dressed for work. Always be ready for that video meeting.

Don't get too annoyed when you see that video request either. Video calls will help to maintain human connections when working from home. Remember those people you call coworkers? Its nice to check in on them and we're sure they want to know that you're ok too.

🌟Create a proper workspace.

An organized area will set you in the mind frame for work. This space does not have to be big but it needs to be equipped with all you need to work. If you are a journal and laptop kind of person, then that's enough. Of course, wifi is essential to keep business going as efficient as possible. Try using the same space daily to get in to the habit.

Silence should also be another key feature of the created workspace. Distractions such as TV should be avoided unless you are certain that you can work through the distractions. A good substitute for watching TV is streaming your favorite genre of music on platforms such as Tidal and Apple Music. Remember to keep the music low, as background music.

🌟 Take your lunch break!

Food is essential to reboot your productivity but don’t eat all your quarantine supply at once 😂. Try to eat healthy lunches rather than whatever you grab first from the kitchen.

During your break, try stretching and taking deep breaths to reset. You will be surprised how much a little stretching can do. Daily stretches can help you to feel more relaxed and even improve your posture.

🌟 Stay connected!

Asana and WhatsApp Inc. group chats are our fave ways to stay connected. Meetings can be done with a video conferencing tool like Zoom Video Communications🎥 It helps to connect and maintain relationships. ⁠Plus seeing familiar faces will definitely help us to get through this pandemic. ⁠⁠

🌟Stick to regular working hours

Working from home can give a little more flexibility than in the office. However, this mustn't be mistaken for all-day work. Create a routine and operate within a specific time frame each day. If you are more productive earlier in the morning, then you can get up early, create a to do list and get to work. If the opposite is true, then start a little later and continue past the regular 5pm work day. Maintain a healthy work-life balance so as to not get work fatigue. Log off when you normally would. Working from home doesn't equal working 24/7. ⏰⁠

Please remember that your customers are indoors but they still exist. Now is the time to engage them with good digital content. Learn more about how we can help your business in social media marketing, influencer marketing and other services we offer at EFFIT! Contact us today!

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1 Comment

May 09, 2020

Thanks a lot for this!!! We also promote working from home, and this hit every point superbly.👏🏾

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